TWEENER® Solution

Is TWEENER® compatible with every tennis court configuration ?

The solution is compatible with most single and double configurations, compliant with the AFNOR NF P90-110 2016/07 standard (single court dimension: 36 x 18 m, fence on all 4 sides of the ground, posts aligned with a minimum of 3 m height, 48.3 mm to 60.3 mm diameter, and 3.60 m maximum spaced). In order to validate the conformity of the tennis court with the solution, a qualification sheet is transmitted for each lighting project. This sheet, along with some photos of the court, allows to identify any particularities requiring adjustments (wall on one side,  opening on one side,  etc.). Our team accompanies you and advises you throughout your project.

Can we light 2 courts with one TWEENER®?

The Double TWEENER® solution was developed to light 2 tennis courts at the same time (The 2 courts must be contiguous in a single grid enclosure). Double TWEENER® is particularly suitable for educational trays (leisure practice or training). Double TWEENER® is 250 lux.

Is it possible to personnalise color of TWEENER® modules?

The standard color of the TWEENER® kit is green (RAL 6005). Other colors are available as an option. Additional deadlines / costs are expected.

Can we use TWEENER® solution to light INDOOR tennis courts ?

TWEENER® is exclusively dedicated to outdoor tennis courts. With more than 300 lighted tennis courts (indoor and outdoor), the NLX team can offer you a lighting solution adapted to your project.

Installation of TWEENER®

Do you have licensed installers?

The installation is usually carried out by an installer partner trained by our teams. We can offer installation assistance to support municipal technical services or a local installation team.

How long does it take to install the solution on a court?

You need 7 hours only to install TWEENER® on a single or double court (2 to 3 people).

Is the system compatible with ignition systems (switch, timer, coin mechanism)?


Maintenance & After-sales service

What is the power consumption of Tweener ?

The electricity bill is greatly reduced with TWEENER®! 1800W only to illuminate 1 court, the power consumption of a vacuum cleaner (3500 W for the double version)! One hour of use costs only 0.26 €. To light 2 courts with Double TWEENER®, one hour of use costs 0.51 € only (Assuming that the price of electricity is 0.145 € / hour).

What is the lifetime of the system?

TWEENER® is guaranteed for 5 years on parts and workforce (return to workshop). The average lifespan of LEDs is 50,000 h.

What happens if an LED fails within a module?

No LED failure has been observed on more than 200 TWEENER® projects. In the event of a malfunction, the module in which the LED is located is replaced, and the other modules operate normally.

Are the modules shoc, dust and fog resistant?

The highly resistant polycarbonate sheet protects the LEDs against impact (bullet resistance index IK08). It is anti-UV treated (no change in color over time). Evacuation of fogging is possible thanks to a small gap between the sheets. The optical modules benefit from total protection against dust (IP 65).

Is the system protected against theft?

The modules are connected to each other and fixed to the poles with nuts that cannot be removed, making disassembly very tedious. The length of a module makes it difficult to transport (3.80 m). A single module cannot be used.