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We discovered the Tweener solution at the Tennis Club in Tours. The choice to light our outdoor courts was obvious! The quality of play is excellent thanks to a vision of the ball in all places of the field without glare for the player. The lighting of our courts contributes to the development of the club: by facilitating access to the fields available to recreational players and by allowing competitors to train more!
The installation of the Tweener solution was very fast: less than a week for the 3 courts (installation of the solution, electrical connection, installation of an ignition system).

Marc HINDY, Sporting Manager of the club and Captain of the First Team

TWEENER® by NLX is now lighting up the Club’s 3 outdoor courts.

Thanks to TWEENER, the playing time slots are extended! Members can play tennis outdoors most of the year and enjoy the beautiful autumn and spring evenings. Nightly training sessions are also offered by the coaches.