Options & Accessories

More performance
and colours

There are several customisable options to optimise the performance of your TWEENER® system and avail of a wide range of colours: special colourwireless operation using a smartphone or tablet, light extension for longer courts, brightness gradation management system or extended warranty (10 years).

Perfectly integrate your TWEENER® system in its environment for more discretion by choosing a particular colour. Excluding green (RAL 6005) or black (RAL 9005) which are offered as standard. The choice of a special colour requires a special manufacturing process and extended delivery periods.

Individually control your TWEENER® systems directly from smartphones or tablets via a Bluetooth connection.

Additional LED strips, attachments and wiring for courts with a significant distance behind the base line.

Enjoy the advantage of having the perfect brightness depending on the luminosity to optimise your power consumption.

Enjoy 5 years of added parts and labour warranty in case of installation by one of our authorised installers and priority access to our After-sales service.