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TWEENER® by NLX  is a unique linear LED lighting solution dedicated to outdoor tennis courts.

Available WORLDWIDE : in 3 continents & 19 countries

Patented lighting solution

2 Innovation Awards 🏆  in the United States 🇺🇸  & in France 🇫🇷 

Compliant with international tennis standards

Former world No. 12 tennis player as an Ambassador : Paul-Henri MATHIEU

Why choose TWEENER by NLX?



1 day only to light 1 court!

No structural work. No specific tool required.


Save up to 50%

acquisition, installation & operating budgets

In comparison with traditional lighting solution.


PERFECT visibility

Exceptional playing comfort

No glare for the the player even with high balls, uniformity of lighting over the entire playing surface, no shadow.

Tennis Players Love TWEENER !


Paul-Henri MATHIEU, former world No. 12,  TWEENER® ambassador

I have never liked playing tennis at night: I had a lot of trouble to perceive the effects of the ball. With TWEENER®, I can see clearly the ball . As the system settles on each side of the court, I am no longer dazzled during smashes

Luna DORMET,  Vice-champion of French Tennis Cup (17/18 category) in 2017

The system lights the whole volume of play.  The visibility of the ball is perfect on the court surface as well as on high balls. I particularly like the design of the system : integrated on the fence, it is almost invisible by daytime!

Developed by NLX, the Sports Lighting Expert !

sport lighting expert

With 650 + sports lighting projects (Gymnasium, arena, swimming pool, padel courts, etc.) inc 400 indoor and outdoor tennis courts, NLX - Next Lighting eXperience is specialized in the design and manufacture of innovative and efficient LED sports lighting solutions. More...