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Tweener® is a linear LED lighting solution dedicated to outdoor tennis courts.

  • Patented lighting solution
  • 2 Innovation Awards : in the United States 🇺🇸 (Innovation Challenge) and in France 🇫🇷 (Top Innovation)
  • Compliant with international tennis standards
  • Former world No. 12 tennis player as an Ambassador : Paul-Henri MATHIEU


Today, Tweener® by NLX is available worldwide :

  • in 3 continents (Africa, Europe and North America)
  • in 12 countries 

Why choose TWEENER by NLX?



1 day only to light 1 court!

No structural work. No specific tool required.


Save up to 50%

acquisition, installation & operating budgets

In comparison with traditional lighting solution.


PERFECT visibility

Exceptional playing comfort

No glare for the the player even with high balls, uniformity of lighting over the entire playing surface, no shadow.

Tennis Players Love TWEENER !

Developed by NLX, a Sport lighting expert !

sport lighting expert

With  500 +sport Lighting projects (Gymnasium, Arena, Swimming pool, Tennis & Padel courts, etc) inc 350 indoor and outdoor tennis courts, NLX - Next Lighting eXperience is the specialist of LED sports lighting. More...

By its revolutionary design, Tweener © brings a comfort of night game
and a very pleasant perception recognized by the players. The innovation of the lateral linear lighting system results in:


Avoid glare in all phases of play


Remove any shadows on the court


Guarantee optimal perception of trajectories
In particular thanks to the "high balls" module


Limit light pollution to the volume of the court


Respect the federal FFT recommendations for outdoor courts


Conform to NF P90-110 standard