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We are totally satisfied with the Tweener solution. The commercial offer and the upstream consultancy have been well done. The setting up of the structure with the support of a technician from NLX, allowed a quick and professional implementation, in 48 hours.
In terms of quality of play, all members are satisfied, from the beginner to the second series. The game times are extended at the end of the day, very useful for the end of the season. And we can now offer our partners a structure and animations at the end of the day or in the evening. Finally, this differentiating offer will allow us to consolidate our membership base, or even develop it over time.

Rodolphe CHEDEVILLE, Vice-président du C’Chartres Tennis

The C’Chartres Tennis is a French historic tennis club. Founded in 1897, it has 11 tennis courts for 415 members. He holds the Club Roland Garros label, awarded by the FFT to the most beautiful clay clubs!

Last April, the club chose Tweener® by NLX to illuminate courts 4 and 5. With this new lighting, the club wants to increase its capacity and also allow players to play outside as long as possible.

Why Tweener?

  • Aesthetic solution and perfect integration in the environment
  • Quick set-up: 2 days only to light 2 courts
  • Comfort of play: uniform lighting of the playing area, particularly appreciated by the players