Brian VINCA, Private tennis court owner and Tennis player, TAMPA (USA)
As an avid tennis player, and court owner , I can honestly say tweener lighting is some of the best lightning I’ve Ever played with. It has allowed me and my family to have tennis lights in our backyard without the unsightly poles, and hastle installing them, permits associated with pole lightning etc. The consistency of the Lumans down the court is absolutely amazing. We literally have no dark spots at all. A first for me on any court.


Paul-Henri MATHIEU, former ATP No. 12, ambassador
I have never liked to play at night: the lighting quality is often poor, perceive the effects of the ball is difficult. With TWEENER®:

  • I can see the ball perfectly
  • I am no longer dazzled during smashes!

Luna DORMET, Vice-champion of France 17/18 in 2017
The lighting covers every areas of the court, whether at the level of the net, on the sides, or in the air. As the system is installed quite low, we are not dazzled by the light, as it can be with spotlights on masts. A little extra: the solution is almost invisible by day!