TWEENER® is a patented LED lighting solution specially designed for the practice of tennis. Its conception is unique : the LED modules lines are fixed directly on the fence.

2 lines on each side of the court to light the whole the playing surface (court and high balls).

  • The 1st line lights up the playing surface (the court).
  • The second line, installed below, is specifically dedicated to lighting high balls.

The visibility of the ball is perfect on the ground and at height. The uniformity of illuminance is better than traditional lighting solution.

tweener by nlx

2 solutions


SINGLE TWEENER®: for lighting 1 tennis court. Compliant with tennis lighting standards.

  • Average illuminance level ≥ 300 lux
  • Illumination uniformity factor≥ 0.7
  • Color Rendering Index> 70
  • Gare rate < 50
  • Power 1800 W

DOUBLE TWEENER®: for lighting 2 tennis courts simultaneously. These 2 courts must be within the same fence.

  • Average illuminance level ≥ 250 lux
  • Color Rendering Index > 70
  • Glare rate  < 50
  • Power 3500 W

Installation principles

One day only to install the system !

TWEENER® kit includes:

  • 16 LED bars of 3.80 m (8 modules per side)
  • 4 LED bars of 1.90 m (2 "high ball" modules per side)
  • 1 universal fixing system
  • 2 power supply boxes (ready to be connected)

Installation of the 1st line: the modules of 3.80 m are fixed on the posts to 3 meters high, with a fixing system specially developed for the tennis fences. This system is compatible with the majority of post shapes (Round, square, T or L).

Installation of the second line: the high ball modules are fixed to the 3.80m modules with junction plates.

Attachment of power boxes on each side of the court.

Once installed, the system is ready to be connected to the electrical network. The connection must be carried out by an electrician.


Technical qualification

Want to know if you can install Tweener on your tennis court ?  Here are few check points :

  • Number of posts per length : 11 min on each side of the court (posts located on corners included) *
  • Post height : 2,50 m min
  • Spacing between post : 4 meters max
  • Post alignment : yes

You have an opening on your court and post height is less than 2 meters ? A simple post extension is possible.

Any other case ? A specific study is required. Our design department will provide assistance. Contact us